Happiness is in giving with love. - La felicidad está en dar con amor.

Photo: Edwar Simal

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Many times, we find situations difficult to explain, like the one we see in the image I captured in Buenos Aires. An indigent, apparently, nothing to be able to give, but providing food to the birds on the road of the public way. It is somewhat complicated to understand how someone who lives by begging or cleaning the glass of cars at the traffic light to eat, finds a way to give others, in this case to birds. I have seen images that are repeated daily in the street and I get no other explanation than the same that I have when I give for the simple fact of being happy to do so.

With my camera in hand, ready to capture the images of a new city for me, the picturesque flowering trees in the beginning of summer and the end of spring, the heyday of a city that wakes up to get ahead like does every day with the work from sun to sun, I came across this scene that makes me reflect: Why does he do this? How within his list of priorities may he to buy rice for the birds when it is not enough for him to eat? Is he crazy? Is he a bird lover? Are they his imaginary friends or family? what is happening to him?

It is easier than it seems to be. It is simply about giving with love and sharing what we have without expecting anything in return, nothing more than the satisfaction of having given what we wanted to whom we wanted. He knows that the birds are there only because he feeds them, but his pleasure and rejoicing at being surrounded by them makes him happy. Every day at the same time in the morning, our dear friend opens a new package of rice and sits in the same place to spread it among the birds that follow him from a few streets behind. We cannot know if this keeps him alive. If it gives hem peace or gives him the tranquility he need, but while I was present there is nothing but love and happiness around him. It is difficult to see it in an image, but it is what he gives to his birds.

Yes, many people will say that he is an indigent and that he should devote himself to finding a job or that poor man have nothing else to do. But he could very well do nothing. Or, on the contrary, to frighten the birds with rage and the outburst by the evil that life has treated to him. In any case, he chooses to buy food for his birds every day with the money that is earned by begging or cleaning the windshields. He does not settle for having it for himself. He shares and lives happily with his birds. In the midst of his poverty he is a happy man with what he does and how he does it. I’m asking you now: Do you have to keep complaining about what you have? Can you give more than you give? In your life? In your job? To your family and friends? The most important thing, to yourself?

Go out and share what you have with others, so you have nothing, share a smile, a good gesture, a hug or a pat on the back. A simple “I love you” to that person you see every day will suffice to bring the rice of happiness to their heart.

See you around.

Muchas veces nos encontramos con situaciones difícil de explicar, como la que vemos en la imagen que capturé en Buenos Aires. Un indigente, sin aparentemente nada que poder dar, está brindándole comida a los pájaros en la caminería